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A little more background:

Media For Development International (MFDI) was registered as an American non-profit (501c3) corporation in 1989, with the mission of increasing the availability of locally produced communication materials relevant to the development needs of Africa, through practical training, production and distribution.


Filmmakers John and Louise Riber served as MFDI Resident Representatives in Zimbabwe from 1990 – 2004 and in Tanzania from 2005 – 2019.


In 2019 the Ribers returned to the United States when John was asked to serve as President of MFDI, now registered in Bellingham Washington.


MFDI is recognized for award winning films, television and radio programs focusing on topics including adolescent reproductive health, HIV prevention, gender equity and social justice.


MFDI has pioneered the use of Entertainment Education to model Social Behavior Change through popular Feature Films, long running Radio Serial Dramas, Television Series and Multimedia Campaigns confronting common challenges in developing countries.


MFDI has worked with more than a hundred sponsors from Bilateral Agencies to Government Ministries, UN Agencies, International Foundations, Private Sector Partnerships and local Government and Non-Government Organizations.

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